Evolution vs First time right

Evolution or Evolve means “to develop gradually”

or “to develop by a process of evolution to a different adaptive state or condition”

Evolution is law of Nature.

The current state that we are in evolved in millions of years. We say that our ancestors were apes. Similarly ideas evolve. First came “incandescent” bulb then Florescent lights and then CFL and then the LEDs.

When we look around, we see each and every objects evolving from one state to another.

Young children,  when they first start writing are not perfect.  Their fingers shake, lines are not straight or curves are not curve. But slowly they become perfect.

The same applies to  customer service. You cannot be perfect at the first shot. Especially if the line of business is new. You will evolve in and become perfect step by step. It will be difficult to become perfect the first time.

This is my personal opinion based on nature’s law of evolution.


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  1. This is as such a broad topic, hence it will be difficult to put my thought quickly over here. However let me put my quick take over here for this People related topic.

    In Customer Service what is most important is team work. A team typically consists of individuals of varied levels of experience. So when one of them falters or fails live up to team’s speed, it is seniors in the team who should help them to get them up and keep going.

    2nd thing is trust and adjustability between the team members as long as it is aligned with common project goal. However one has to use word of caution that to what extent one can adjust the schedule or the expectation from other team members.

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