Aadhar card – is it really required?

How many cards do you need to have?

Already have bunch of credit and debit cards, Voter ID card, PAN card, Ration Card, Driving license and Passport. Now GOI have anounced aadhar card.

Yes, the aadhar card is unique in it is way.

The other cards is right now used as identification proof or Address proof but the actual purpose of the card is different.

  • Voter ID card enables you to vote and for this you need to be above 18 years. It is not available for all
  • PAN card is required for payment of taxes. If I am not earning I do not require PAN card.
  • Ration card is again used to distribute ration or food and essential items at discounted price by government.
  • Driving License in case you want to drive.
  • Credit and debit cards are self explanatory and not mandatory for everyone.
  • Passport is required only when you want to travel outside India to different countries.

All these cards we were using till now for proving our address and identity. These cards are not mandatory to have.

Aadhar will be speifically used for address and identity proof. And the good point is that this card is available to all individual of all age group. This card should avoid submitting different address and ID proofs for getting any service.

Let’s see how it all goes.


One comment

  1. After around 4 years, we see that how Adhar card has evolved. Now its mandatory for filling income tax return.
    Now we are facing a challenge of chicken and egg. Which came first.?

    To get Adhar you can use PAN card as ID proof and to validate PAN you need Adhar. What a JOKE.

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