Why do you pay TAX?

Yes, TAX !!!!

You pay Tax like Income Tax, Service tax, Customs duty, Exise  duty on products, Road Tax, Toll Tax and many more which I do not know by name.

My question is why are we doing so? People used to pay tax when we were ruled by XYZ. In today’s democratic world we are still paying our hard earned money to government so that they can enjoy the lavish life. Government officials enjoys n number of freebies viz.. free travel, free phone/mobiles, No toll tax etc. etc. etc…..

When some one dares to ask to prove whether he is an elected representative, shows gun.

pay TAX

How is some countries do  not have any tax?

Why can’t we pay only one tax?

And the big QUESTION

Is it necessary to PAY TAX? Abolish all tax and root cause of all problem is gone.

Government should also sweat and earn money. They are not doing any social work any more.

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  1. In the UK we pay a lot of tax. We get care for the poor and elderlytransport infrastructureeducationdefenseprotection from criminalssupport for business (jobs)some freedomWe have a constitutional monarchy. The question you need to ask is; what are you politicians doing for you?

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