The Evil – Corruption

As off now there are n number of scams involving leaders of major political parties. Some of them might be correct some may be a false allegation. And unless proved they can not be blamed. Everyone knows that it is  not possible to prove the mighty especially when they are in power. So the political leaders are never involved in any scams, its the common man. ha ha ha ha.

Arvind accusing Mr. X benefiting by being related to some political leaders, some leaders from both ruling and opposition also  blamed for corruption and vice versa.

Who is correct?

No idea but there is a common saying that there can not be smoke without a fire.

So as per my assumption, the allegation might not be 100% correct.

But just blaming the few is not the correct solution. Even if they are punished it is not possible to eradicate corruption from India. These few are among the 100 crore Indian.

And the only solution is to educate the new generation about the evil of corruption. It is the responsibility of the parent and schools to teach. It is only then it can be removed.

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