Nuclear Catastrophe

Date: 20/3/2011

At 2.46 pm Japan time, an earthquake measuring 8.9 on rictor scale, Lat:37.68N, Long:143.03E, depth: 20 km below the ocean’s surface, off the coast Tohoku Earthquake, destroyed most parts of the Miyagi Prefecture, about 370 km north from Tokyo. The devastation was compounded by the earthquake shaking as well as by the tsunami, and more so with the nuclear power plant disaster.

Earthquake followed by Tsunami was natural calamity. But the Nuclear disaster was man made or more precisely man induced.

The Nuclear disaster  which is rated as 5 out of 7 is not as sever as Chernobyl nuclear meltdown in Ukraine 25 years ago. The Ukraine disaster could be attributed to flawed designs and improper operating procedures.y. Fukushima, Japan cannot be. Japan runs the world’s third largest fleet of nuclear reactors (55) supplying  one third of its electricity and one sixth of the global total of reactors is in Japan. Japan is credited by the global nuclear industry with its best safety standards for nuclear reactors.

But still this is not enough. INDIA should rethink its ambitious Nuclear program. In my opinion we should immediately stop all nuclear program and concentrate on Green energy source like wind, water(hydro) and so on.

In fact India should also abandon its Nuclear weapon plans. I mean all nuclear plan.

India should rethink of some other types of weapons other than Nuclear. The one which does not kill people.

The BYTE weapon.

” When you Dream, dream big, dream impossible. Anything is possible in this world. Even earthquake of magnitude 20…”

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